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A list of resources and materials to gather.


Links to websites, documents, and other resources that will help you get started as players of Lancer.

Player's Guide

The player's version of the core rulebook is available for free. Please download it and consider skimming it for information.


I hope that my session-0 primer has given you a solid introduction to the world of Lancer. If you want more, several people have created overviews of the lore with their own unique takeaways:


compcon is the official virtual character sheet for Lancer, combines a lot of useful functionality, but primarily useful for stat tracking, reference, and building your character.

Feel free to explore the following pages:


After License Level 1 (LL1), you will start unlocking licenses. The Lancer creators have released some expansions with free compcon import data in the form of .lcp files.

Sometime before leveling up, please download and install the following .lcp files:

The downloaded .lcp files can then be imported to compcon by clicking the CONTENT Manage lcp data button on the homepage.