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glfmn 2019-10-03
This is a draft article; it is available for proofreading and testing.

Hello World

I've long entertained the thought of making a personal blog. I tried using a few different static site generators and even writing a full stack app in Haskell and abandoned all of those efforts. They were either too complicated, too simple, to opaque, or too rigid.

Come this year, I had to do React coding challenge for a job interview. I had never used React before and always thought it would be too complicated, or it was something that wasn't really for systems developers. The project proved me wrong though and I had a blast creating a visual-programming/simulator app. So I thought maybe it was time to revisit the idea of making a blog using React using Gatsby.

In a flash of inspiration I decided to make my site look as much like the terminal applications I use as I could manage: every page looks like the output of the bat program; progress bars and widgets are pure text, modeled after the appearance of the npm loading bars; and the colors are from the gorgeous gruvbox theme.

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